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Is Salad Really Good For You?

The title of this comes really from a conversation I had last
week with my cousin. We talked about a lot of things dealing
with eating and weight loss and the topic of Salads in fast
food restaurants came up.

Now I will keep this short and to the point but basically
a salad that she thought was healthy, actually contained
a whooping 910 calories, 438 of those calories from fat.

(e-mail me at geo@4evertoned.com and I'll
reveal which
fast food restaurant this came from)

Yes, I know a shocker!

Some people daily caloric intake is just about 1200-1500 calories
so you can easily see how devastating eating 910 calories can
really be.

My suggestion is for you to really take the time to prepare
your own salads and carry it to the work place.

Number 1- you will save money.

Number 2- you can control what goes in and out of the salad
keeping your calories low

Number 3- Make sure you don't over do it with the dressing.
I know we all want flavor but you must contain yourself too.

Again be careful when eating out. You might be doing
more harm than good.

Importance Notice: Make sure you look for
my next e-mail in your inbox. You won't
want to miss it, trust me!

Here's a tip for salads. Always, always, always order the dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing just to coat the tines - not glopped on there heavy - & then get a bite on your fork. It's amazing how little dressing you use this way.

Well said Liz

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