Monday, October 30, 2006

The Road to Success

Let me know if these phrases sound familiar to you...

-The city of Rome was not built in a day


- If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've alwys gotten - Tony Robbins

Both phrases hint at something that's very important.

Going back to the last post where titled "Don't Jump", I spoke about staying on course with your fat loss plan despite the obstacles that come your way.

The key thing when you're looking to lose fat is not to be discouraged, not to lose track of the bigger picture. There's a reason you want to lose fat. Perhaps you want to feel beautiful again, maybe it's building your self esteem, whatever reason it is, hold on to it.

Too often people don't realize that the road to success begins with one step. Take that one step in the right direction is where the journey begins. When deciding on what to eat or whether to workout or not remember that's a decision that will bring you either closer to your goal or away from it.

So remember it's not the end of the world if you eat something bad or miss a workout, BUT if you're trying to get on that road to success.... make sure you take more steps forward than backwards.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Don't Jump!

Recently I've received emails of people telling me what they've been eating and I would like to come out now and share with you something.

Often people lose focus and get off track with their weight loss programs because they hit a minor bump on their road to success. Sometimes it can be a death in the family, trouble in paradise(not applicable to everyone), stress at work, making poor food choices, etc, etc.....

Many people will dive head first back into their old habits of eating the sweets, and just filling their bodies with processed food that's not good for them when they're in a stressful situation. And let's face it, things happen. Life is one HUGE rollercoaster and you're not going to eat well every single time. I'm here to tell you that's OK!

Hence my title Don't Jump. Many people will get off the bus when they eat one bad meal and it should not be the case at all. Instead of trying to be perfect it's best you create a meal plan, a lifestyle that has variety but also moderation. Your goal should be to eat well 80% of the time. Yes that's it.

If you eat a bad meal, don't stress over it, jump back on board and make sure your next meal is a good one. Consistency over time will prevail I kid you not.

The next time you eat something bad, get rid of the guilt, and jump back on ship. If I told you that when you played the lotto you had a 80% chance of winning would you play?

Well, when it comes to eating take your chances and make sure that 80% you're eating what you're suppose and you will increase your odds of winning the body of your dreams.

Enjoy your weekend! =)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Q & A

"Hey Geo,

One place i really want to get rid of is my mid-section and tone up my arms and inner and outer thighs so i can get that beyonce shape (lol i wish) my main concern really is the mid-section because I want to be well proportioned. Is there any I can do specifically to get this done?

This is a very interesting question that I get a lot. Everyone is interested in finding the "secret" way to toning up their abs, arms and thighs. But that's just it... There isn't a secret. The information is out there but many of you most likely will never take action.

In order to drop bodyfat, and lose inches here are some simple guidelines to follow:

-Eat 5-6 small protein based meals.
With every meal you want to make sure you consume some protein. Protein takes more energy to breakdown then carbs or fat thus increasing the amount of calories you burn. Imagine that just eating chicken instead of pasta can help you shave off a few more calories.

-Lift weights, real weights.
We are talking about some real weight lifting here. Not the 2.5 lb dumbbell for 100 reps. You must challenge yourself by lifting a weight that you could only do for 8-15 repetitions. This is the best way to stimulate muscle growth. Muscle burns fat and increases your metabolism. Light weight lifting simply is a waste of time.

-Intense Cardio
Put your magazine, or that exciting book back in your locker and really do some cardio. Too many people are wasting their time when performing cardio. If you can read a magazine while you're doing your cardio, again you're wasting your time. Intense cardio helps burn more fat. The key is how many calories you burn not only during your workout but after your workout is done. So increase the intensity on the bicycle and do some interval training. Interval training is where you alternate between high intensity and low intensity bouts for a desired period of time.

The combination of these three steps will help you create a fat burning machine that will have you much closer to shaking your "uh-oh" in no time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why bother...

I've had conversations with clients and friends all about them wanting to get results, lose weight, drop bodyfat, and look better. These are great goals and they can definitely be accomplished with the right approach.

I find that too many people view working out, getting in shape as just something that's physical only. Too many of us seem to forget how important the mental aspect of getting these goals are.
If your mind is not ready to make the change, if you cannot picture what you want to look like, then where the hell are you going?

Sorry for my tone but seriously, I WANT you to change. I WANT you to get results, but if you're not going to mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead of you then what's the point.

Getting in shape is going to require will power, it's going to require you to make sacrifices, it's going to get tough, but it's going to be worth it. Think about the new clothes you're going to get, think about the compliments people will throw your way. Most of all think about how you're going to feel when you've accomplished something you thought was practically impossible.

Believe me when I tell you getting in shape is hard as sh*t. It really is. But knowing that you are working your tail off and seeing changes will put you so far ahead in everything that you do.
This is a challenge your must overcome. The sacrifices have to be made, because again if not, then you're wasting your time.

Take this message to the heart everyone, for real. This is not me bashing you, it's me wanting to see you do your best, cause I KNOW you have so much potential to look the best you can.

Take charge now, start having the will power, start make the sacrifices, then you can start reaping the benefits of a new lean you.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Are you a statistic?

Last night while browsing to the web, I found out that 62% of women are overweight according to the American Obesity Association. Granted that they use the bmi index to determine this, I still feel that the number is not that far off.

To think that over half of the women in the United States are overweight is just eye popping. Also when you think about the fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, it's fair to say that women are at risk.

So I ask you are you a statistic?

If so, what are you going to do about it? Those who are overweight over time are more likely to have heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, you pretty can go on and on. And if you don't currently have these diseases then it can very well be on the way.

This is super important! The normal life span of a woman has been said to 80 years old. Those who are overweight and do nothing about will be lucky to reach that age.

If you're interested in living up to 80 and beyond then it's time you start changing your lifestyle now. I want you to be around for another 50-60 years, your family I'm sure doesn't want to see you go anytime soon either.

Take away message:

Take control of your life now! Because if you don't the phrase "Tomorrow is never promise" will never feel more real.

Friday, October 20, 2006

See it, then Achieve it.

Hey everyone,

This is going to be a short but very important message.

As I was driving home tonight, the song "I Believe I Can Fly" came on. Yes it was by Mr. R. Kelly. Now despite what you may think of him now, I find this song to be quite a gem. I'm a person who truly likes to over analyze things and I did so with this song.

In the song it talks about if you can see it, then you can do it, and that if you believe it, then there's nothing to it.

It's important for you to see the results you ultimately want before you can actually achieve it. The other day I sent a client of mine a picture of Jessica Biel, because that's who she wants to look like.

Be sure to create an image in your head of what you want to look like, it's only then you have something concrete to work off. If there's a celebrity that you would like to look like put their picture on your fridge. Sure genetics may limit how much you can actually get done but, why not maximize the potential you actually do have?

I believe that you can do it, do you?
Can you see it?
Do you believe you can achieve it?

See it.....
Believe it....


almost like magic

You will achieve it!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The More, The Better

It has been said that in order to lose weight one must eat less. This goes hand and hand with the idea of creating a caloric deficit. In our minds if one eats less calories than the body burns then we should lose weight. Look at any book and you will see that this is pretty much true.

Recently it's been brought to my attention that it's not only how much you're eating that determines how effective your weight loss program is BUT how frequently you're eating. This seems to be a concept that has been overlooked for years.

Many of my clients eat two times a day. Yes TWO. They understand the importance of breakfast so they definitely have that. Breakfast is key in jump starting your metabolism and giving your body the energy needed to start the day. Then they would wait till after work to grab something to eat or perhaps sneak in a meal during their lunch break. Now many of you might be saying "hey that's what I do".

My answer to that is it's time for a change.

A study showed that if two people are eating at a caloric deficit in which one eats two times per day and the other person eats five times a day, the person who ate five times a day lost more fat.

So these two people ate the same amount of calories and but one lost more weight than the other. How could this be? The key word here is metabolism. When you are structuring your eating habits, and your workouts you should be focusing on fine tuning your metabolism.

Eating small frequent meals(Anywhere from 5-7 times per day) will help speed up your metabolism. The reason this is important is because again you want to burn as many calories as possible in a given day, which this method definitely does.

Here's an example of a person who eats two times a day. For both of the examples let us assume that the calories needed to create a caloric deficit is 1200 calories.

Example 1:
6 am Big Breakfast (600 calories)
6pm Dinner (600 calories)

Example 2:
6am Breakfast (300 calories)
9 am Snack ( 100 calories)
1pm lunch ( 400 calories)
4pm snack ( 100 calories)
7pm Dinner (300 calories)

In the above examples, the second example would not only help build up your metabolism which would ultimately lead to more fat loss. When you're eating the body requires energy to break down the food. Which means the more frequently you eat , the more calories you're going to burn.

So my challenge to you is to see how you could break down what you eat into small portions that can spread out through the day. Your body will thank you for it, trust me.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hard Work = Success

This morning I opened up my daily email from Bob Proctor that came with a quote that really hit me today.

The quote was the following: "The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. You can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price."

-Vince Lombardi NFL Hall of Fame Coach.

Now this quote was not something I didn't hear before. I know that in order to be success as a fitness professional, as a person, as a man that I need to work hard. There's just no other way.

The question is are you ready to put in the hard work? I know that finding time to workout, finding time to eat, and making sacrifices is difficult. Believe me it's not easy to wake up at 5 am to train a client, but that's the price I am willing to pay to not only be a successful trainer but to to help someone else receive success in their training.

You see nothing comes to us easy, and if it does; then it's probably not worth much. When you work hard to achieve your goals, that's when you can truly understand and appreciate what you've accomplished.

Your goals of losing weight, getting toned, gaining confidence will not happen overnight. To some that is discouraging. But if you are willing to pay the price of hard work, then you will be successful.

Guilty as Charged!

I know, I know ... no one expects to see a post during the weekend. But I got a big mouth and got a lot to say at times hence, why I'm here before you.

Now my title is one that I find really unique.

Now you might be thinking who is guilty as charged.

Well I am! Today I went to the Golden Arches. Yes, Mcdonald's. And what I had there was not pretty, let's leave it at that.

So you might be wondering why would a fitness professional come out and admit this?

Well I first off wanted people to truly understand why I ate Mcdonald's today so you can avoid doing the same booboo I made.

The only reason, I ate there today was because I was bored. Yes it's sad but true. Was I hungry? Nope. Did 3 hours pass from my last meal ? Nope....

So why Geo? Why did you eat it?

Because I was bored! You see often people eat not because they see a need to supply their bodies with energy, but because of their emotions. It's very important for you and I to understand that we eat to supply fuel to our body to function properly. That's it!

When emotions is connected to when and what you eat then guess what? You will have days like I had today.

Now I'm home writing to you feeling sick to my stomach because I have this junk inside of me. Don't make the same mistake I made.

Eat to supply your body with fuel, and not because of boredom or sadness or depression. Your stomach will thank you in the long run.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is Cardio dead ?

I had the chance to meet someone who is a well known expert when it comes to fat loss by the name of Alwyn Cosgrove. Alwyn is a man who does a lot of research and came up with some interesting statistics about fat loss.

Working at a health club, I'm able to see many people constantly run to the stationary bikes, or get on the treadmill with a magazine or a book. Now what are we trying to do here? Yes I know cardio can be boring, in fact to ME it's absolutely boring. But if your goal is to drop fat, and finally fit into those pair of jeans ladies or for men, you're looking to get rid of that beer belly, then it's time to take a different approach to your cardiovascular program as well as your normal exercise routine.

It's important that you know key terms like metabolism because what you want to eventually do is burn calories at a higher rate ALL day long. You do burn calories when you're on the treadmill for 60 minutes, but after that your body returns back to normal. The key to shedding unwanted pounds of ugly fat is not only burning calories while you workout though, but after the workout is over you still want to keep that fire burning.

What do I suggest ???

Well first off, if you're not lifting weights, I suggest you meet with a certified fitness professional to learn the right form when performing weight training.

Secondly, leave the magazines and books in the lockers! If you're reading a book or a magazine you're not working hard enough, period. There's no need to be on a cardio machine for 75-90 minutes if again your goal is fat loss.

The most important thing here is intensity. The harder you work, the more calories you're going to burn relative to time. So it's important that you bust your butt in the gym so that you're not only burning calories during the workout, but you're burning calories after it's all set and done.

I'll talk more and more about this. But again definitely start to make the change now, because traditional cardio training literally is holding you back from seeing some significant results.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Never Drink Your Calories

It's great to be back. I want to share with you a wonderful tip I recently read online about losing weight.

We all are looking for a quick fix when it comes to weight loss. Well I have a tip that will help you shave off at least 200 calories a day without you even realizing it.

200 calories???? Yes. Meaning if you just do this tip alone you can lose about 1.5 lbs without a change in exercise or eating program just as long as you're already at a caloric deficit( Taking in less calories than your body needs = which equals weight loss, generally).


What am I talking about? On average if you're drinking a can of soda, that's already 150 calories. Soda has no nutritional value what so ever and will only hurt you in the long run if your goal is losing weight or just feeling healthy.

What about fruit juices you might ask? Well again even juices can often add up to 150-200 calories a glass. Your best bet would be to have the actual fruit itself as oppose to the drink. For example, drinking apple juice has ZERO amount of fiber. But if you go and eat an apple you will have between 2-3 grams of fiber.

Are you getting my drift?

Think about how if you just drank water instead of drinking soda, coffee, juice that you could lose an additional 12-15 lbs. Isn't that amazing?

Are you ready to make the switch to eating fruits and not drinking your calories? I am.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm back!!!

I know it's been a long time since I've written on here. I really miss providing high quality information about fitness to help you succeed with your goals.

To quickly update you on what's been going on here's a brief overview:

I recently attended the best conference for Fitness Professionals ever up in Stamford, Ct.
I was able to meet the best of the best when it comes to getting clients results and truly understanding how a fitness business should be structured.

What does this mean to you?

It means that you will receive better service, better results, and just have a great time getting into the best shape of your life. I guarantee that if you invest your time and effort into training with me or just applying the information I provide through newsletters, articles or guest interviews you will look 10 times better than you look right now.

I am officially back so stay tune for some more great tips.