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Weight Loss- 11 Best Foods For Weight Loss

To say this week has been one that I'll probably remember
for the rest of my life would be an understatement!

I would like to send off my congrats first to my dear
friend Tina who graduated with a degree in Psychology.

I truly understand the value of a good solid education,
because it really separates the people that know and
those who don't.

Knowledge is power isn't it? The more you know, the
less chances you can be deceived.

Following suit with that principle I had the chance to speak
with Dr. Christopher Mohr about fat loss, health and nutrition.

For those who are not aware of who Dr.
Christopher Mohr of Meal Plans 101 is allow me
to briefly enlighten you.

He's consulted in LL Cool J's recently released book called
Platinum Workout, he's also the co-owner of Mohr Results and if
you've been to any where on the web looking for full-proof,
easy to apply information weight loss and nutrition or fat
loss and nutrition he's your man!

He allowed me to share with you
7 of his top 11 foods that no fat loss plan can be without.

5.Wild Salmon

What are the other 4?

Stay tuned...


Fit Coach Geo

PS- If you've struggled to lose weight
or drop fat then you've heard that preparation is key.
Dr. Christopher Mohr co-created a software that will put
planning your meals for weight loss on auto-pilot.
For more information click here.