Friday, March 30, 2007


Last week I talked about making sure you have
your protein and also about carbs. But I receive e-mails
all the time about supplements and therefore had to address
it here.

Supplements are things you use to aid you in your path
to fitness-success. Supplements will not solve your
issues if you are not on a plan that's already bringing
you closer to your goals.

Here are a list of supplements that I strongly feel
you must have. Remember you must be on a plan
that's solid from a nutritional and exercise stand
point before you engage yourself in a supplement

Multi Vitamin

Fish Oil Capsules

Protein Shake


Calcium Pill

Green Tea

Each of these supplements will not only help you get leaner,
but it will help you live healthier lives by helping you
with your bone density, providing you with antioxidants to
help your immune system and so much more.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Short on time... give this a try

Do you have 4 minutes?
In a recent article within Men's Health I read that
4 minutes of high intensity metabolic training can
equal 30 minutes of bike riding. Now I'm not
one to ride bikes but 4 minutes of intense working
out... I'm there.

Give this 4 minute routine a try. Of course a nice
warmup would be perfect here. Don't forget to cool
down also.

0-1:00 minute Bodyweight Squats
1:00-2:00 minute Pushups
2:00-3:00 Burpees
3:00- 4:00 Squat-n-Press

If you're feeling courageous try doing this for 8 minute
straight. I'm sure you'll have some nasty things to
say to me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Somethings just never change

Recently there's been so much news and information
regarding how great the movie "300" was that I had
to talk to some of my friends to see how great it
really was. The response I got was amazing.

The guys were all ripped and shredded that it
has caught the eyes of those in the fitness
industry and rightfully so.

But as I was reading through Yahoo I saw that
the movie on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
has taken over the list of top movies. Now
what the heck does the ninja turtles have to do
with getting in shape you might ask?

Well the turtles was something I was into
back when I was a kid, over 10 years ago
and now it's back and still gathering
the attention of many people.

Well it's the same with dieting. Low carb
dieting was very popular in the past and
despite the newest trends when it comes to
dieting it still is number 1 according to
a recent study that was done when it comes
to losing weight.

So I must ask, are you eating a balanced
diet that is not high on carbs? If you
are then congrats, if not, why not?

Summer will be here before you know it
so do not waste anymore time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Top 10

With the top 10 to perform on American
Idol, I've decided to go ahead and list
the top 10 exercises to do to get the
beach body you're dying for.

1. Squat

2. Pushups

3. Pull Ups

4. Lunges

5. Deadlift

6. Vertical Dips

7. Burpees

8. Kettlebell Swing

9. Hip Thigh Extension w/Leg Curl

10. Bent Over Row

If you notice there aren't any crunches, bicep curls,
or tricep kickbacks here. Why? The reason being
is because they are isolation movements and don't
help burn a lot of calories.

If you're stuck on time, you can definitely create
an effective 10 minute workout with the list above.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't wait till it's gone

Until it's gone, we tend to not appreciate the
things that life have to offer. In a recent
conversation with a friend of mine, I realized
how precious life really is and how much
you and I regret the great gifts that's available
to us.

Your health, is not something you should sleep on.
I had the chance to spend the last few days in
a hospital and got to learn that first hand.
Laying in a bed, with very little interaction and
practically little to no freedom at all, sucks!

What's worst is often we can stop matters from
happening by consciously taking care of ourselves.

Take your health seriously because you only have
one life to live.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What source of food really kicks a**

Yesterday I talked about carbs and the role it plays
in getting you the look you desire and also told you
that I'd share with you what every diet needs.

Well today is here so let's get started.

The number 1 thing a lot of people don't take into
consideration is what type of foods takes the body
longer to digest and why is that an advantage to you.

Anytime the body has to work harder to do something you
burn more calories. It does not matter if it's through
working out harder or eating something that is harder to
break down, the end result still is more calories burned.

Now if that is the case, then why are people always
performing slow, low intensity cardio? Beats me, but
that's for another day. For today let's discuss
why people run to eat sweets which get broken down
so quickly, you're left hungry within 1 hour at times.

Sweets are our enemies but let me tell you who's your
friend. Protein. Protein is your friend on multiple
levels and I'll tell you how. For starters protein
is that type of food I was talking about earlier
that's harder to break down.

The body burns more calories when you're eating protein
than if you were eating carbs or fat. I don't know
about you but I'll take my calories burn anyway I can.

Protein also is used to help repair broken down muscle
and also helps in maintain muscle. This is important
because muscle dictates metabolism. The more muscle
you carry the more calories you will burn throughout
the day and protein helps with that.

Lesson of the day? Eat your protein. In fact each
meal you have should include a protein source. When
it comes to getting the maximum return on your
investment, I don't see how you can choose to
eat any other way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carbs, to love or not to love

Yesterday I turned 23, so I think a happy birthday
to me song is in order, =).

On a serious note though, I had the chance to meet
some of the best in the fitness industry share their
knowledge on how to become a better trainer and now
it's time to pass some good information onto you.

I will be updating the blog everyday this week with
great information so you will want to stay tune.

Number 1, in order to drop body fat in the shortest
period of time studies have shown that low carb wins!
Just a few weeks ago a study showed how effective
the Atkins diet was compared to every single diet there

I'm in no way advocating not having carbs at all. What
I am saying though is you need to make wiser decisions
as to when you consume your carbs and how much of it
do you really need.

If you've been looking to change up your eating plan,
start with eliminating the bad carbs and replacing
them with carbs that have great nutritional value like
vegetables and fruits.

Tomorrow I will share with you what else you MUST
have in your diet to drop body fat faster than ever

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's coming

Heading to Boston today, I had to drop a line
on here before I left. I have been busy
working on some great things that will
help you achieve better results.

I began to wonder what purpose am I really
trying to serve, and am I doing a good job at
it? Now this is not a lack of confidence but
an attitude of never feeling satisfied.

I want to be the best at what I do and have
the respect of my peers and all of you.
I'm passionate about providing the best
information I have access to, so you
may see the results that you're looking for.

Finally after many sleepless nights I've
put together a resource you must have
if weight loss is important to you.

Check it out:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Be ........ A C T I V E

Yesterday I went to the mall to help get a gift for a person's birthday and I
realized I did something that I'm sure almost everyone does and that was
make sure I get the closest parking to the door. Why? So that I can
do less walking.

Well it's this lazy mind frame that has the world's obesity rate skyrocketing
before our eyes. We can't park from and walk, we jump on the elevator instead
of taking the stairs.

You'd be surprised how much more exercise you could get if you'd simply
park the car a block or two further, or walk 2-3 flights of stairs going
and leaving work as oppose to the elevator.

The key message is to be more active. You'll burn more calories and
you'll do the Earth a favor by not being so heavy. A win-win situation.

PS- If you're looking to shift your mindset and finally say yes to looking
good and feeling great about yourself, than look no further than for your answers.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Is Weight Loss Overrated?

Weight loss? How big is it?

I went on Google and typed in the phrase "weight loss" and got
back 56,100,000 different sites. With that statistic it's safe
to say that it's pretty important isn't it?

When I typed in the phrase "fat loss" though there was just
about 10 million sites with that keyword according to Google.

Now why am I mentioning this? Because people have always
determined the success of their workout programs by referring
to a scale. They also judge the success of a program by how much
pounds they've lost, according to the scale.

What's wrong with that?

Well there's many ways you can see a drop of weight on the scale.
You can drop water weight, you can lose muscle, and you can lose
fat. You might say who cares what I lose, as long as the scale reads
a number lower than what you saw previously.

I'm here to tell you that you should care. Let's go one by one to
see why.

Number one, water weight. Water weight is the greatest isn't it?
You workout, you put your 2-3 sweatsuits on, the sweat is dripping,
you don't drink your water because you fear water retention and
the scale at the end of the week says 10 lbs lost, great isn't it?

I mean who wouldn't want that. 10 lbs gone in just 7 days. That's
amazing. But what about when you suddenly feel sluggish from
dehydration, from the lack of nutrients in your body? Well you
drink water again and magically the 10 lbs come back don't they?
Something to think about...

Then you have weight loss via muscle loss. You all have done it,
and I have too in the past. We starve ourselves eating only
rice cakes and lettuce or chewing on celery sticks 24/7. A week
later we step on the scale and YES, we see a loss of 5-7 lbs.
Just what you wanted right, weight loss.

BUT, when you look in the mirror, your waist hasn't changed,
your body hasn't changed, nothing has really changed except
your bodyfat %. Now we all want to change bodyfat % but
in this example it's changed against our favor. Your bodyfat
% is simply how much of your weight is fat.

Now you must remember that every tissue in your body weighs
a given amount. (That includes things like your spleen, bones,
bodyfat, muscle, etc....).

But when you lose muscle here's what happens. Your
metabolism slows down! In a recent seminar I heard
the great Barbara Thompson mention this...
"Muscle Dictates Metabolism". When I heard that
I was just pushed back out my seat. And why? Because it
was absolutely true. The lack of muscle will lead you
to have a higher percentage of bodyfat, leaving you
flabbier and not firmer.

Now to cut this short because I do realize how valuable
your time is. What you want is fat loss. The cellulite,
the flabbiness that's fat. In some cases it can be loose
skin, but generally it's fat. And when you hear
those talk about oh how can I get firm abs, or
how can I have a toned looking body, it's all relative
to fat.

If your body fat is low, then you'll have a toned body.
Notice I didn't say if you lost "weight" per say that you
would be more toned. The key is FAT LOSS!!!

The takeaway note is fat loss is what you should
be after. It's not that you don't want to lose weight,
but what type is the key. Start searching for
fat loss and believe me you will be beach bod ready
than if you focused on solely fat loss.

I don't believe the scale is your enemy but I do believe
the lack of understanding in regards to what your
body fat is can lead to the scale also not being your

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cravings Cravings Cravings...

We all have them don't we. Both you and I.
But why?
What is the cause of the cravings we have? Is it that we are weak
and just have no self control? Nope.

A recent article in Men's Health specifically talks about how
controlling your blood sugar levels is the key to controlling your

If you're like me, when you don't eat for more than 4 hours don't
you suddenly realize how much fast food, greasy foods, things we
shouldn't be eating suddenly come up on our minds? When I'm
busy working on my business there are situations where I go
5 hours without eating. Do you want to know what happens

Well I call this number 718-703-0818. Give it a try and you'll
see that it's the number to a chinese restaurant. It almost
happens like a reflex.

I know the food is bad but when you're having some serious
cravings you just can't help it right? Well why not prevent
yourself from getting in that situation in the first place.
Eat small meals frequently throughout the day and you'll
not only feel more energized but also you'll keep your
blood sugar from rising up too high.

The article shares some amazing tips about how to control
your eating habits as well. Be sure to check it out by clicking:

PS- What foods pop into your mind when you're most hungry?
Did you wait too long to eat your next meal before thinking
about those type of foods? Chances are the answer is yes.
I'd love to hear what foods you struggle with by having you
comment below.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I got a question...

This weekend I committed myself to writing more often on my
blog. I love writing and I love helping people. So writing
this is a no-brainer to me.

I want to open up by just honestly saying if you're here reading
this I appreciate you. It's for YOU that I sleep 2 hours so that
I can provide you with information that will hopefully
turn your head and have you thinking about making a change
in your life.

This post will be short. The reason being is I want to hear from

I would like for you to answer this one question?

Why is getting in shape important to you?

Seriously take time and answer that question. In fact I want you
to write your comments below... I'll explain in my next post why
this is probably the most important question if you're going
to be successful with any fitness program.

Talk to you soon.

PS- If you want to know how you can figure out the
answer to the question above and how you
can create the environment guaranteed to take you
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Monday, March 05, 2007

The 'new' diet

It was about 2 weeks ago and I was sitting down watching
television with my folks. On the news there was word
that a 'new' diet was about to hit the mainstream.

Of course being a fitness professional, I had my little
antennas up and ready to listen. What I found out though
was unique.

The 'new' diet was basically a change in philosophy I think.
It suggested people to eat dinner for breakfast and to eat
breakfast basically for dinner.

This is not your normal diet, I mean for me a plate of brown
rice with a lean steak is my dinner; now I'm being asked
to have that for breakfast??

Most people struggle to get a cup of coffee let alone eat
a full meal before going to work. Now don't get me
wrong I totally understand the logic behind this
'new' diet.

Most people eat the most calories during dinner time.
Most people are active more earlier in the day.
Most people are inactive after work.

Now the 'new' diet is trying to have people take in
the bulk of their calories while they are most active.
This does make sense doesn't it. Eat your heavy
meals earlier in the day, then burn it off with your
daily activities.

Here's the major issue. Diets are short term and
because results come quickly we all believe it's the
best thing since sliced bread. But a diet plan that
most people won't be consistent with will
eliminate the effectiveness of such a plan.

In hindsight this is a great idea, how practical
it is to the general population like you and I...
That remains to be seen.

PS- If you've struggled before to get in shape
and your new year's resolution seems to have
slipped you by it's time you get up to speed
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