Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jordin Sparks Does- Do You Believe In Dreams?

Last night 74 million people voted for the talented
Jordin Sparks to be the American Idol.

The song Jordin Sparks sang last night titled
"This is my now" has really struck a cord in me and it should
strike you too.

Often we wait for the perfect time to do what we want
and this song really focuses on you having courage and
taking action now and not later.

If you've been waiting for the perfect moment to start
losing weight, to eat correctly don't let another second
past you by.

You have the right to live in the body of your dreams.
Dreams are possible, ask Jordin Sparks, she'll tell you
that it is all possible if you taking action now.

In an effort to make you really take action NOW, i've
decided to have a special memorial day/Jordin Sparks
Celebration Sale.

You can now save 25% on both my Mind Over Matter
packages. If you've been waiting for a reason to take action
this is now your chance to claim the moment like Jordin Sparks did.

You have every right to have the body of your dreams now.

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Celebration Sale by clicking here.
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P.S. - This sale will be over at Midnight on Saturday May 26th.
So take full advantage of this great offer and celebrate the
New American Idol Jordin Sparks and a chance at the NEW you.
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Weight Loss- 11 Best Foods For Weight Loss

To say this week has been one that I'll probably remember
for the rest of my life would be an understatement!

I would like to send off my congrats first to my dear
friend Tina who graduated with a degree in Psychology.

I truly understand the value of a good solid education,
because it really separates the people that know and
those who don't.

Knowledge is power isn't it? The more you know, the
less chances you can be deceived.

Following suit with that principle I had the chance to speak
with Dr. Christopher Mohr about fat loss, health and nutrition.

For those who are not aware of who Dr.
Christopher Mohr of Meal Plans 101 is allow me
to briefly enlighten you.

He's consulted in LL Cool J's recently released book called
Platinum Workout, he's also the co-owner of Mohr Results and if
you've been to any where on the web looking for full-proof,
easy to apply information weight loss and nutrition or fat
loss and nutrition he's your man!

He allowed me to share with you
7 of his top 11 foods that no fat loss plan can be without.

5.Wild Salmon

What are the other 4?

Stay tuned...


Fit Coach Geo

PS- If you've struggled to lose weight
or drop fat then you've heard that preparation is key.
Dr. Christopher Mohr co-created a software that will put
planning your meals for weight loss on auto-pilot.
For more information click here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Craig Ballantyne, heard of him?

Last night I was able to talk to some of that top fat loss experts
in the business share their insider secrets to getting rid of
fat and simply put it was amazing!

One of the guys who I spoke to was none other than
Craig Ballantyne, Mr. Turbulence Training himself.

If you haven't heard of him you're missing out.
Luckily for you, there's a place you can find out more
about him.

PS- Would you like to know the insider secrets to finally
getting rid of fat and finally live in a body that will
leave you smiling and happy... Stay Tuned...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Free Teleseminar Info Below

Normally I don't do this but I just couldn't keep myself
from writing to you twice this week.

Just a few days ago I forwarded you 15 fat loss tips
to help you shape up in time for the 4th of July.

Not the information is great but honestly if no
action is taken it's really a waste of time.

Now I'm use to providing uplifting messages but
today I felt a bit of tough love was really needed.

We all love 'free' information don't we? But
to me it seems as though we don't take action
on it unless we pay for it. Why is that?

Seriously why when something is thrown in
your face as a gift you don't take full
advantage of it. Is it because you
don't care, maybe getting in shape
means nothing to you.

If that is the case please hit the unsubscribe
button below. Everyone will call me crazy
for doing this but I must make sure that
those who are serious about getting
into shape receiving the information that I'm
willing to share.

Often I sit and write these e-mails to you at
3 am in the morning and to see that you not
taking action and being interactive is honestly
frustrating and upsetting.

The time to commit to YOU is right now can't you
see that? There's no point in living in a body
that you're unhappy of or to live a life
that you're unhappy of. Especially when you deserve
so much more.

Now if you're expecting some big pitch for
my e-book Mind Over Matter sorry to disappoint you
but that's not what this e-mail is about.

It's really about encouraging you to make the mental
shift needed to live the life you want. If you are
upset about the body you're living in and need
help in making that mental shift then I have
something for you.

On May 14th 2007 at 8pm est I will be hosting
a free teleseminar on how to make the mental
shift to success.

The call will only be 15-20 minutes long because
I know everyone has their own agendas to take care
of and I can respect that. Not to mention my
favorite tv show comes on at 8:30pm est so
the call with be short and to the point.

Now while it's free it's limited to the first
97 people. If you're serious about what you
want in life and how to get it you won't
want to miss this call, trust me!

I will hold nothing back in those 15 minutes
and hopefully you all will be able to benefit
from it.

To sign up you must hit the 'reply' button
in your e-mail box and let me know that you're
interested in being on the call. You
will be sent all the necessary information to be
on the call then.

Again don't miss out on this wonderful
opportunity, because you'll regret it!

This is your fitness coach Geo signing out!

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All rights reserved. Reproduction of any portion of this email
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Workout Mistakes 101

"All great things must come to an end sometime."

I just got back from a great vacation down in Florida
and unfortunately the vacation is over and it's back
to work for me. =(

But I am happy to be back writing to you and
being around the folks again.

Tomorrow I will be posting last week's
newsletter. It was a beauty that you won't
want to miss.

Meanwhile enjoy the recent article I wrote
for BrooklynVille Magazine.

If you've wondered why you aren't getting
maximum results with your workouts this
article is a MUST-READ.

You can check out the article for yourself by
right clicking on the image below and
selecting 'save link' as or 'save target as'