Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is your trainer working YOU right?

From speaking to many of my friends and just simple networking I've met a lot of people who all have the same problems when it comes to losing body fat fast. When a close member of my family revealed that she was using the services of a personal trainer I was intrigued to find out what other trainers out there are doing.

I must admit I'm a freak in every sense of the word when it comes to learning about other trainers methods and different workout programs. Why? Because I can always learn more. I didn't invent this stuff known to us as training so by no stretch of the imagination am I so high in the clouds that I can't learn something from someone else.

Anyway, the member of my family was interested in dropping body fat and losing weight, something EVERYONE seems to want now a days. And fortunately something I love to do and work with is those interested in melting away inches and losing depressing fat.

Here's what was revealed to me about the training that was done with my family member:

-Train a body part or two a day.
-Perform 40 minutes of long intensity cardio 2-3 times a week.
-Eat only 3 times per day

What's wrong with this training program? Well nothing would be wrong if there was ACTUALLY getting results. The problem is 5 weeks has passed and NOTHING has changed.
There are people that change there body completely in 5 weeks. A matter of fact a client of mine lost 2% of bodyfat and finally saw his abs in just 8 workouts.

So what was wrong with the training above?

-The training was broken into bodyparts as oppose to training the body as a whole. The body functions as one unit thus your training should too. Full body workouts are the answers here.

-Performing long intensity cardio over and over again, soon enough your body will catch up! What does that mean for you? Well less calories burn and little changes if any to your body. Interval training where you alternate between high intensity work and low intensity work would not only burn a lot more fat calories but would also increase your metabolism as well.

-Last but not least there just is not enough meals during the day. Eating small frequent meals during the day will help increase your metabolism. Also do not forget that eating protein with each meal will also force the body to use up more energy to break down the food.

These three changes will make the greatest difference in the world. If your trainer is doing the same errors in your training, ask questions and switch things up so you can get the results you spent your hard earned money on.

I will keep you posted on how the changes work.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Never Again, Leave Excuses at the Door.

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice few days off to really sit down and think about the things that are going on in my life. Graduating from College in less than 2 months really can scare any person. Now I'm about to enter the "real world". The difference between me and a normal college kid? I know what I want and I know I'm going to get it. Now what many of you need to do is make that firm decision on what it is you want and firmly believing that you are going to get there.

Many times people fail to lose weight or improve their health because they are simply hopeless. I got news for you, if you don't firmly believe that you're going to lose weight then, NO ONE ELSE WILL EITHER. This is very important so I will say it again; If you do not believe that you're going to lose weight or change your body then NO ONE ELSE WILL. You might think it's your personal trainer job to instill this into you. I've got more news, it's not his job to give you confidence. The confidence you need is already in you, it's just so deep that you can't find it. A personal trainer though can help you through the clutter and get you to unlock the key to your confidence. Through that you will be able to experience things that you were reluctant to see your entire life.

My latest issue of the 4evertoned fitness journal talked about this in much detail. It's too exclusive for me to put on this blog. You'd be a fool to not jump onto this and find out exactly what I said that will impact people lives for years and years to come. You can become a member of this exclusive list right now by visiting

I'm sorry to say this but I will not be republishing this issue of the journal after
March 30th. Yes it's really that powerful!

Till next time enjoy your day, and have a great work week.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Eating on the Go

I'm back again, as I said things are looking much more clearer and I'm able to spend more time doing what I love which is helping people get into the best shape they possibly can be in.

Browsing through magazines and watching television last night it dawn on me how although we want to eat well and workout sometimes there just isn't enough time(So We Think) and it's impossible to find any healthy food when you are away from home.

I just wanted to provide some quick foods that you can simply grab and go. The key thing here is that we cannot under any circumstance skip meals. By meals I mean meals or snacks. Keeping our blood sugar stable is big when it comes to losing weight or getting more toned. Also the chances of you eating more than you should is also less.

Top foods to eat while on the Run

High Fiber Cereal Bar
Fruit Salad
Protein Shake
Low-fat Yogurt
Mini Rice Cakes
String Cheese

It's important to throw these snacks in your "diet" between meals. A sample breakdown could be Breakfast, Mid-morning snack, Lunch, Mid-afternoon Snack and Dinner. For those who workout the break down would be Breakfast, Mid-morning snack, Lunch, Pre-workout snack(60-90 minutes prior to working out), Post-Workout Snack(Protein bar, immediately after your workout), Dinner(preferably Salad with a lean protein).

Put these snacks into your diet right now, and watch you melt fat away as long as you are a part of an effective training program as well.

If you are having problems with what you are eating, a great suggestion is to have a food diary. Right now you can have you own food diary for free at It's easy to use and should definitely help you on your way to getting into shape.

Want to know what's the secrets on how men and women all over the world are losing weight? They all get exclusive training tips by going to

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Are You Ready for the Summer?

I know it's been a long time and coming since I've been able to get on the blog and speak to many of you. I won't front things are really crazy and it's just the way I like it. I'm getting the chance to work towards reaching my ultimate dream and I could not to think what are your dreams and what are YOU doing to get there?

Summer time is almost on it's way and by the look of the emails and all the signs I see on the trees all talk about getting your body in shape now and all these quick fix juices that you can drink to get your body into the right shape.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but getting into shape takes work. I know this is a four letter word that we all hate but changing your body does take work.

Most of the time when you think of work you think about your current 9-5 or something you dread. This does not have to be the case though. There are so many ways to get your body in motion and kick your ass back into shape that is hard work BUT lots of fun as well. Pickup games of basketball, football, a nice match of tennis all these things you can do to start getting your body to move instead of moaning and crying about the fact that going to the gym is so boring or you're tired of seeing the same place.

Not much of a sports person? Well how about getting involved in boxing or rock climbing, how about marching on a trail with all your friends. Your body does not have to be the way it looks now IF you are unhappy with it. It's your birthright to look the way YOU want to look. Now if big and beautiful is your thing, then hey flaunt your big beautiful body. But remember it's what you want that you should go after.

If you're unhappy with yourself, make no mistake about it crying and making excuses won't make them go away. But with the passion and drive to get it done and the plan to get there...

You can Reach The Moon.

I'm back and ready to help everyone reach their personal best. You may go to to learn more about how your body, yes the one you look in the mirror at every morning in dismay no longer has to look that way again.

Till next time, PEACE