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Paris Hilton Diet

Last week Paris Hilton came out of prison and there were tons
of people from the media waiting out the the jail hoping to grab
Paris's first words and photos for the tabloids magazines.

I recently read that Paris lost 10 lbs in 23 days while in jail.
Now we'd all want to lose 10 lbs in 23 days wouldn't we?

Perhaps we'd like to get on the Paris Hilton Diet. What
many fail to realize though is that they are already
on this diet.

If you're eating 1-2 times per day and dropping weight
then you and Paris has a lot in common.

Chances are though that you still not happy with the way
you look. Do you want to know why?

Because the weight you're losing is probably a mixture
of fat, water weight but most importantly muscle.
Muscle is responsible for dictating what your metabolism
is like and as you lose muscle, you are also losing the
effectiveness of a fast metabolism.

The more muscle you lose or the lack of muscle you have
in relationship to the amount of fat you have will slow
down your metabolism, leading to skinny fat figures.

Yeah you know what I'm talking about. My suggestion
to you is to pay close attention to the way you treat your
body. Feed it, provide it with the fuel it needs to sustain
the daily rigors and obstacles you face.

My suggestion: Get off the Paris Hilton Diet and instead
I suggest you eat 5-6 small meals a day to make sure you
can function properly and have the energy to do
all your daily activities to the best of your ability.