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Patience is a Virtue!

Yesterday I featured a special interview that
went into detail about Fat Loss Training.
With the summer rapidly approaching people are
looking for all the get fit quick methods to getting
in shape.

But one thing I wanted to point out was the
number 1 mistake that Jimmy Smith says he sees with
people trying to drop fat and that's patience.

I've also seen it myself where clients are frustrated
with what they see on the scale and fail to realize
how better they feel and the way their clothes fit
them better than before.

What most have to realize is, if you've sat around
for a long period of time and then get back into
training again you develop muscle a lot faster
thus the number on the scale may change slightly
or not at all.

Do not forget that muscle is crucial to achieve
long term success with your fat loss program.

Just something to think about moving forward.