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Free Video Inside...

Don't think I forgot about you. In fact all
week long I've been thinking about what to write
you. I wanted it to be something that you could
use right now to help you get in the best shape
of your life.

I know that phrase sort of seems to be thrown
around there but my true passion is to provide
you with information that you can use today to
help YOU.

Getting in shape is not easy that both you and I
know far to well. But when you have the right
'tools' it does not have to be as hard either.

This week I'd like to share with you a video
on how to figure out how many calories the foods
you're eating have and how to put together a
sample eating plan that works for you.

Now there are many resources out there that will
help you do this such as Meal Plans 101
but I just wanted to share with you just one
way I'd go about it.

Also I would like to announce here that the 4everToned
fitness blog
will no longer be updated as regularly
as in weeks past but I do intend on staying in touch
with the latest fitness trends and updating you
once a week.

The reason for this is because I have a huge project
coming up that will be taking up so much of my time.
I want it to be something that will blow you away when
it's all done, therefore I have to put 'all my eggs in
one basket' for this specific occasion.

To view the video of how to figure out how many
calories are in the foods you're eating and how
to make a sample eating plan simply go to the link:

(Video may take a few seconds to load...)

I'd love to hear from all of you on what you thought
about the video. Did you find it helpful? Was it
a waste of time? Please simply hit the reply button
and let me know your thoughts, I'll be waiting for you!


Your Fitness Success Coach,

Geovanni Derice

PS- In case some of you, and it's only a few have not
yet purchased your copy of Mind Over Matter let me be the
first person to let you know that the e-book will soon
be off the market. I am not sure when or if it will be
released again but if you've been on the fence about
how effective it is go over to http://www.fitness-success.com

The e-book is backed by our 8 week guarantee which you can
read by going to http://www.fitness-success.com and scroll
down to the bottom.

A wise man said "a vision is without action is only a dream".
I've often said to achieve the body of your dreams. Let
me now rephrase that and say it's time you get the body
you've always envisioned. Why the change? Because I know
that you're ready to not only dream but actually take
action upon that dream.

Mind Over Matter is a tool that can get you there.

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